Frequently Asked Questions

Is all the produce organic?

All the produce we purchase from farms and suppliers is certified organic, however, we are not certified. We handle the produce following the organic standards but 

certification is too expensive for our size


I just want to try it to see if the Co-op is right for me, can I?

Yes, Choose the size basket you think you would be most interested in and order a Trial Basket. There is no Membership fee when you purchase a Trial Basket.

When can I pick up my basket?

Pick up time is Thursdays from 3:00 to 8:00 pm.

If you pick up in Mountain Lakes and can’t make that time, you may pick up your basket whenever you like. We aren't always here but you can help yourself in the garage. Even at night, we sleep on the other side of the house, so it doesn't disturb us.

If you pick up at one of the other sites, please call the host to arrange a pickup time.

Can I change my order or pick up site?

Yes, you can change your order or pick up site by the Monday night before Produce Day. You can access your membership through the website.

-Sign into your account. This will take you to your "dashboard". 

-From here you can go to whatever page you would like to change by clicking on it's description.

-Change what you need to.

-Choose "save" near the bottom of the page.

If you are having trouble, please email Marnie with your new preferences.

Can I cancel for a week or for a while?

Yes, we just need to know by Monday night before Produce Day. You can access your membership through the website.

-Log into your account

-Click on the date you would like to put on hold

-Click on the "Hold Delivery" button just under your name.

If you are having trouble, please email Marnie with the dates you would like to cancel.

How do I cancel my subscription?

-Log into your account

-In the My Co-Op Subscriptions list choose "View/Modify subscription". 

-Right under the name of the subscription click on [Modify]. 

-There is a button to cancel the subscription on this page.

You will still have your Login with us and can start a new subscription at any time, or we can restart this subscription with a quick email to us. As always, if you are having trouble, please email Marnie.

What if I get rotten produce?

We work hard to make sure the produce we distribute is of fine quality. Every so often a bruised fruit may slip by us. It is your responsibility to pick up on produce day to avoid spoiling. The strawberries and lettuce are usually the first to go. If you picked up on produce day and you find the produce of insufficient quality, please email Marnie. We will treat every case individually.

What if I don’t pay by the Sunday cut off time?

We will email you a reminder, but if we do not get a response a basket will not be made for you that week.

What if I forget to bring back my bag?

The next week your produce will be in a box instead.

How do the bags work?

With payment of your membership fee you will get two MLOC boat bags with your name in them and colored tapes indicating your basket size and pickup location. Each week you bring back the bag from the week before, and your produce will be in your other bag. They keep rotating like this. If you forget to bring back your bag, don't worry, the next week your produce will just be in a box instead. If you decide to leave the co-op, you keep your boat bags.

What if my bags get dirty?

You are responsible for washing them and keeping them in good condition. We have replacement bags available for $15 each.

What if my bag is missing?

Bags sometimes get misplaced or if you recently changed your basket preference, it is likely the sorters did not take it out of the pile for use. Please contact Marnie. If the bag cannot be found, we offer new bags for $15 each, or previously owned bags which are free. The previously owned bags will have another person’s name crossed out or taped over and yours in its place.

Can I become a host, sorter, or driver?

We are always open to meeting new potential hosts, sorters, and drivers. We have a good group of ladies that make up our Co-op Team that doesn’t change over very often, but as we grow, we need new helpers. These positions are paid for with produce. See our webpage and email Marnie if you are interested.

What is MLOC’s privacy policy?

We do not share your information with anyone outside of the organization, ever. Within the organization we use your information for communication and billing purposes only.