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Organic Valley Cheese

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Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Colby, Muenster and more. We carry a wide variety of Organic Valley Cheeses.

Org Valley Cheddar 8 oz. $5.50  Qty: Price:
Org Valley Colby 8 oz. $5.50  Qty: Price:
Org Valley Muenster 8 oz. $5.50  Qty: Price:
Org Valley PepperJak 8 oz. $5.50  Qty: Price:
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Cheese is one of the oldest foods in the world. Some call it the food of the gods. Others say it is milk's attempt at immortality. From breakfast omelets to stacked sandwiches to topping on your favorite appetizers and entrees, Organic Valley's award-winning cheeses are the perfect complement to any meal or snack.

    From mid-June through Thanksgiving most of our fruits and vegetables are grown in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York States. As the growing seasons change, so do our sources.

All the produce we purchase for resale is certified organic. We, however, are not certified.

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