Membership – As a member of Mountain Lakes Organic Co-op you subscribe to periodic baskets of produce. We use “CSAware” so members can manage their subscriptions online. When you join, you choose the type of basket and frequency of your baskets. You create a member account, which allows secure payments using a credit card or check. This account also allows you to manage your membership throughout the season. You can update your contact information, change your basket preference and pick up site, cancel for vacation weeks, and put a hold on your membership if you will need to miss baskets for an extended period.

The Produce – 

All the produce we purchase from farms and suppliers is certified organic. 

The quality of the produce is a matter of pride, and our prices are below supermarket prices for comparable items.
  • From Thanksgiving to mid-June the produce is grown within the United States and as locally as possible. As the growing seasons change, so do our sources. Periodically, we get items like bananas, mangos, or pineapples which cannot be grown within US borders. The Co-op receives most of the produce from a supplier based in Pennsylvania. All the produce is grown within The United States, if it can be grown here (bananas and periodic tropicals cannot), and we purchase the more locally grown produce over that from further away, ie the citrus comes from Florida before California.
  • From mid-June through Thanksgiving most of our fruits and vegetables are grown in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York States. As the growing seasons change, so do our sources. Most of our sources are the individual farmers and a few small local distributors.

Produce day is on Thursdays – we will periodically take a week off if a school holiday falls on or near produce day. Please check the calendar. If a sudden change will occur in the schedule, I will inform you through email and the Member Newsletter. Produce is usually sorted and ready for pick-up at the agreed on pick up sites by 3:00 pm – sometimes even earlier, until 8:00 pm. The Mountain Lakes site is more flexible about how late the produce can be picked up. Please call your host if you cannot make it by 8:00 pm.

Remembering to pick up is your responsibility – Produce Day pick up time is 3:00 to 8:00 pm. We are not responsible for wilted produce that has not been picked up on produce day. I send out email reminders on produce day. If your bag is still here the following morning or later, you may get a gentle reminder email. But, I will not always be around to remind you. Please mark your calendars. If you forget a basket, it is your responsibility to pay for it. We will hold your produce until Friday, sometimes longer, but the Co-op is not responsible for baskets not picked up on time.

If you need to cancel a week for any reason – You can change your preferences online or notify the co-op by email or in writing on your invoice by noon the Monday before produce day.

There are dairy and other packaged organic items for sale too – from the refrigerators in the garage, that you can pay for online or when you pick them up. You can also order whole cases of any fruit or vegetable online or by emailing the Co-op.

There is a $50 Membership fee – It is a lifetime membership which includes two boatbags to use for your produce. The bags will be made up for you after payment is received.

The two boat bags are used to sort and carry home your produce. Each week you bring back the bag from the week before and your produce will be in your other bag. They keep rotating like this. If you forget to bring back your bag, don't worry, the next week your produce will just be in a box instead. Additional boat bags are $15 each. If you decide to leave the co-op, you keep your boat bags.

There is no work requirement – but if you are interested in sorting produce for two to four hours, even periodically, please let me know. We also are interested in hosts in neighboring communities. These jobs are paid for with produce.