1/2 Case Plums

Store Fruits 1/2 Case Plums

1/2 of a 28 lb case of Plums that the co-op is ordering, usually black plums, sometimes red or pluots, always organic and American.

Available from the week of 2013-6-2 and until 2013-8-18

Plums- 1/2 case $32.50  Qty: Price:
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Sweet with a little tart, usually arrives just before they are ripe, so as they sit in your fruit bowl they become sweeter. Quantity varies with fruit size. Available only in June, July and August.

    From mid-June through Thanksgiving most of our fruits and vegetables are grown in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York States. As the growing seasons change, so do our sources.

All the produce we purchase for resale is certified organic. We, however, are not certified.