Membership Fee

Store Specialty & Others Membership Fee

There is a $50 Membership fee – The membership fee is a one time fee, which covers two boat bags and a $20 deposit.

Fee $50.00  Qty: Price:
Delivery frequency
: Single Delivery

The bags will be made up for you after payment is received. If your decision to leave is sudden and your account is paid up, the $20 is refundable.

The two boat bags are used to sort and carry home your produce. Each week you bring back the bag from the week before and your produce will be in your other bag. They keep rotating like this. If you forget to bring back your bag, don't worry, the next week your produce will just be in a box instead. Additional boat bags are $15 each. If you decide to leave the co-op, you keep your boat bags.

    From mid-June through Thanksgiving most of our fruits and vegetables are grown in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York States. As the growing seasons change, so do our sources.

All the produce we purchase for resale is certified organic. We, however, are not certified.